Amplify your Impact, Wealth, and Freedom.

Ready to grow a purposeful, prosperous business with more freedom & flow?

Ready to let go of hustle and overwhelm, and embrace Impact, Wealth and Simplicity instead?


Sick of the one-size-fits-all approach to building a business?


Ready to amplify your impact with a business that has you feeling in absolute flow, and stepping up as the agent of change you are here to be?

I'm already sold, tell me how it works!


You’re a spiritual go-getter.


An impact-driven woman, creating the change you want to see in the world.

You’re committed to a business that will be your legacy.

You’re willing to step into the unknown in order to birth your greatest vision 

You’re launching from scratch, or shaking things up to evolve your service-based business.

You have a grand vision, a fire in your belly, a passion in your heart... and yet, somehow, things aren’t happening quite the way you want them to.


If you’re...


>> Wondering what happened to that dream of “freedom”, from being in business for yourself…

>> Putting in all the work, but not reaching the levels of fulfillment you crave…

>> Thinking “Is it really this hard for everyone?”…

>> Wondering exactly what it is you need to do to make it happen

>> Pissed off with jumping from strategy to strategy, none of which ever seem to work

>>Wondering if there’s a way to grow that actually feels good? 


…Then it’s no accident that you’re here. The Universe has plans for you!


In short, if you've been doing all the damn things, filling your schedule with more sessions, working all the hours, making the sacrifices we’re told we need to make in order to be successful... and yet you're STILL not experiencing the results you want, then it’s time to do things a little differently, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, that's me... tell me more!


“OMG Hayley is amazing! I love her brain! It was such an honour and such a privilege to work with her, she’s just incredible and I’m fully here to blow her trumpet and really share where her power is - the strategy and clarity she brings is just incredible.”

Imagine if you:


>> Got so crystal clear on the mission you are here to fulfil, that nothing could distract you from the things that move the needle in your business


>> Were so connected with the people you help, you serve them at a level that will change their lives forever


>> Created a soul-aligned strategy, that feels fun and playful to implement


>> Crafted a signature system that has people queuing up to work with you


>> Released the procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm that have been holding you back


>> banished the visibility gremlins, to transmute fear into courage as you show up loud and proud.


>> Alchemised those money blocks to receive your next level of abundance


>> Rewired yourself to a way of doing business that serves your soul-mate clients AND you


 >> Fully embodied your Queen, liberated as a powerful leader in business and life... 


>> Became fucking unstoppable, ignited the fire of passion in your heart, and embodied flow consciousness so you dance through your days feeling alive, aligned, and like the f*ing powerful Goddess you are!




“My eyes have been opened to new ways of seeing things & I could see the stories I've been telling myself. I was able to find the unique way I live while balancing the needs of my business with more of a fun, playful approach. Hayley holds such a beautiful space."

Pssst. Let me tell you a secret.


The things you think hold you back from experiencing all of the above?
They’re not actually the things.
It’s not that you’re not working hard enough.
When you got told, again and again, that taking massive action is the key to fulfilling your dreams, you listened.
You’ve been taking action like your life depends on it.
But the truth?
It’s not ONLY about taking action.
Massive action without a crystal vision and clear strategy is frustrating and exhausting.
You’re taking massive action, but perhaps ‘chicken without a head’ sounds familiar?
You’re not short of busyness, but you’re just not sure how it translates to a sustainable and joyful business (and life!).
You see,
The problem is not that you don’t know enough.
The problem is not that you haven’t been hustling hard enough.
The problem is not that people don’t need your service.
The problem is not that you’re not confident enough.
You are not broken or deficient or incapable of bringing your vision to life.
The dream is in you, sister, so it is for you.
What’s the problem, then?
You are actually doing waaaaay TOO much. Overcomplicating the shit out of everything. Trying to birth 17 babies at once.
Because success = hard work, so more hard work equals more success, right?
Your business needn’t feel overwhelming. Or awkward, difficult, clunky, or dry, either.
You get to craft a unique, soul-aligned system that serves you. 
It gets to be simple. I will show you how.


Number 2.

You’re operating from a place of limitation created by the beliefs, identities, and embodied behaviours you’ve absorbed up until this point.
They’ve created the energy of force, of scarcity, fear and disempowerment.
You crave being in flow - dancing through your days… but instead, most days feel like hours spent pushing boulders up hills… while wading through mud.
Yes, it feels hard.
And it is not your fault. You are whole, powerful and more than capable.
It’s just that you’re operating in a society that perpetuates the myth: in order to deserve the things you desire, you first have to strive, struggle and hustle… that success ONLY comes with self-sacrifice…
“No pain, no gain.”
…and that busy-ness is a badge of honour that proves your worth, and earns you the right to exist in the world.
So of course you play the Good Girl - undercharge, overdeliver, stay humble, and stay busy.
That busy-ness? 
It keeps you distracted from the truth of your power. It serves to keep you playing small, staying hidden, and not receiving the abundance and freedom that is your divine birthright.
In fact, you’ve been so consumed by the on-the-fly hustle, you’ve lost sight of what it is that makes your soul sing*.
You know, the reason you went into business in the first place.
And then we wonder why it feels shitty, why nothing works.. 
* Pro tip: when your soul is singing? That’s guidance from Source, and you should definitely pay attention.

Let's do this!



"I’ve learned so much about myself and how to tune in to what I need. Letting go of the busy-ness has been a big thing for me. I was always ‘Busy Caroline’... it was causing me so much stress.. Hayley provided an excellent blend of support and stretch, encouraging me to take actions I’d been procrastinating around - I’ve learned to use my fears as a motivator to get me taking more action. There’ve been so many invaluable lessons for someone starting their own business. Hayley has been such a fantastic coach and mentor throughout!"

Just 20% of your success comes from WHAT you know - the specific systems and strategy you use 


80% of your success relies on WHO you are being as you execute on said strategy.


In other words  80% of the success pie comes down to your inner work game.


So levelling up your legacy, wealth and freedom requires an energetic upgrade of mind, body and soul.


Don’t get me wrong, you need strategy, business mechanics,  clarity around who you serve, and how.


PROSPER has got you covered there.


AND woven throughout the process are the energetic upgrades you need in order to be available for your next level of wealth, and impact.


THAT is how you create magic and miracles in your business.


Most business coaching programmes leave out the 80% inner work. They focus on dry, one-size-fits-all approaches, that leave out the soul, and side-line the sacred.


It's no wonder so many decide they must simply not be cut out for business.


Have we met?

I’m Hayley

A wild-souled, witchy woman

Mum to a three-legged dog, a two legged baby, and a shit-tonne of plants

Alchemist of Limiting Beliefs,

& Activator of Impact, Wealth and Freedom Codes

… and I am on a soul mission to elevate revolutionary, heart-led women in business AND life, because when those women step into leadership and align to their calling, and generate wealth, we’re creating a tsunami of positive change across the globe.

Sister, I have walked a mile or more in your shoes.

As a professional chef I was entrenched in work-harder, faster, hustle-til-you-die culture. I believed hard work and struggle were prerequisites for achieving the freedom and impact my soul craved. 


Classic Type-A overachiever. Perhaps you can relate. 


With the dial stuck at ‘go-go-go’, I wore exhaustion as a badge of honour, and I literally couldn’t slow down or switch off, even when every fibre was screaming for me to do so.

You can guess what happened next.




I quit my career, retrained, and launched my first business, which was going to be much more sustainable.

And then something wild happened.

I burnt-out again. I KNOW, incredible, right?

Despite finally having the freedom of being my own boss, choosing my own hours, taking holiday when I wanted (never did), and being the creative director of my day, I repeated all the same patterns I’d been playing out for the previous decade.

I desperately wanted to feel calm, aligned, in love with my work: instead I was stressed, exhausted and unable to switch off… until I was forced to.

Finally I took heed of what the Universe was telling me.

Through inner work, coming home to the sacred, and soulful action, I realigned to joy, expansiveness, freedom and fun.

I redesigned my business to be one that serves ME, as well as the people I worked with.

I’ve found a path that others can follow, without having to go through wasted days, months and years swimming against the tide to get… well, nowhere, other than burnt-out and exhausted.

You have it in you to bring your impact-driven business to its next level. We both know it.


And I’m here to help.


I see you creating YOUR version of success, on YOUR terms, with YOUR thriving at the heart of it… 


Sister, you do get to have it all.




The 90-Day Soulful Business Elevation For Impact-Driven Visionaries, Changemakers & Soulpreneurs.

This is a portal to the next evolution of your business, and of your prosperity, for those of you who are fully ready to elevate your income, amplify your impact and build a legacy and life you LOVE… 


AND desire wholeheartedly to do it all in a way that is joyful, without having to put in more hours, or compromise on your values.


This is for those of you ready to rebirth your business based on simplicity, increased impact, more time-freedom, and full ownership of the value you bring to the world.


You’ll lay unshakeable foundations that will serve the flourishing of your business forever more, and along the way rewrite your belief system around money & wealth, so you can step into prosperity with ease.

You’ll master the 4 keystones of The PROSPER Pathway, that are the backbone of your impact-driven business.

The four keystones? 


  • Mission  - Connect to the truth of who you are & discover the divine assignment you were put on this earth to fulfill, so you can create a soul-aligned business that honours your uniqueness, and your non-negotiables in life. Stop saying yes to the “should’s”, and start saying yes to yourself, and to your divine mission.


  • Method - discover your unique process for transforming lives, so you can create programmes & offerings that are insanely valuable to your people, and know exactly how to masterfully articulate the outcomes you facilitate for your clients, in a way that lands in their hearts and souls.


  • Magnetism - uncover who your soul-aligned clients are (even if you’re niche-phobic), and how to best serve them… and learn how to cultivate conscious connection & communication with those people, so they actually get - and want - what it is you’re selling.

  • Money - master your money mindset, the art of Soulful Sales, pricing your services, and selling high value offers… and, ultimately, making great money in your business (even if you currently almost choke on your words every time you say your fees out loud!)



Lucy Turner,

Nutritionist & Massage Therapist

"Honestly, I’m feeling mentally so strong and powerful, and we’re not even half-way through the programme yet!"

With PROSPER you'll build a solid foundation in your business by…

  • Evolving your wealth mindset and increasing your capacity to receive.
  • Mapping  your unique process, so you stand out among your peers.
  • Building the specifics of your high value offer.
  • Figuring out who your ideal audience is.
  • Calling in your soulmate clients.
  • Unlocking your messaging to stand out among your peers.
  • Embodying confident and soulful sales techniques.
  • Expanding energetically to invite more growth for yourself… and the clients you serve.
  • Having the support and accountability you need to succeed.


So how does it work?



>> You get access to modules including;


  • The 3V Mission Method

  • Niche Breakthrough Secrets

  • Craft Your Signature Systems

  • Powerful High-Value Packages

  • The Empowered Pricing Paradigm

  • How to Sign on Clients 

  • The Art of Soulful Selling


>> 3 months of weekly group support calls with me.


>> Access to a private community for further support, Q and A threads, and accountability


>> Weekly action steps to complete.


>> Mindset Mastery and Leadership Embodiment practices to integrate into your life & business.


>> A soul-aligned & heart-led approach to building your business


you get to emerge from this alchemical portal with a purpose-driven, legacy-making business…

while embodying the radiant, magnetic, abundant Queen you are,

 manifesting like a Goddess…

AND making the difference in the world you’re called to create.



“Hayley has helped me to relax into the chaos of a busy family, household and business, and introduced me to some great techniques that enable me to manage stressful situations as they arrive. Working with her has had such a positive effect... When I look back on how I was doing things before, it doesn’t even make sense to me now!"

 What’s the investment? 

Payment Plan


2 x Monthly Instalments




Pay in Full


Pay in Full and Save £289