Have we met?

I'm Hayley North...

A modern-day priestess, witch and spiritual business coach for ambitious, mission-led women ready to launch or level-up their legacy-making business, with heart and soul.

 ...and you?

You’re a spiritual go-getter.

A purpose-driven, visionary woman on a mission to create the change you wish to see in the world.

You’re committed to a business that will be your legacy.

You are ready for more.

More wealth. More freedom. More magic.

You know in your bones you have powerful gifts to share with the world.

You’re a visionary agent of change.

But something’s just not clicking. You’re doing #allthethings, working all the hours, and yet you’re not seeing the success and impact you dream of. You’re not living with the freedom and flow you crave.

Instead, you’ve got a heavy dose of exhaustion, overwhelm, and a creeping sense of disenchantment with this whole “business” thing.

Sister, I have walked a mile or more in your shoes.

When I was a professional chef I was entrenched in work-harder, faster, hustle-til-you-die culture. I believed hard work and struggle were prerequisites for achieving the freedom and impact my soul craved. 

Classic Type-A overachiever. Perhaps you can relate. 

With the dial stuck at ‘go-go-go’, I wore exhaustion like a badge of honour, and I literally couldn’t slow down or switch off, even when every fibre was screaming for me to do so.

You can guess what happened next.


I quit my career, retrained, and launched my first business, which was going to be much more sustainable.

And then something wild happened...

I burnt-out again. I KNOW, incredible, right?

Despite finally having the freedom of being my own boss, choosing my own hours, taking holiday when I wanted (never did), and being the creative director of my day, I repeated all the same patterns I’d been playing out for the previous decade.

I desperately wanted to feel calm, aligned, in love with my work: instead I was stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and unable to switch off… until I was forced to.

Finally I took heed of what the Universe was telling me.

The very foundation of all I believed to be true, about the world and who I was, crumbled.

Through inner work, coming home to the sacred, and soulful action, I realigned to joy, expansiveness, freedom & fun.

I built a business that serves ME, as well as the people I worked with.

I’ve found a path that others can follow, without having to go through wasted days, months and years swimming against the tide to get… well, nowhere, other than overwhelmed and exhausted.

You have it in you to bring your impact-driven business to it’s next level. We both know it.

And I’m here to help.

Create Magick & Miracles with Hayley...

Choose Your Adventure

So who the hell am I anyway?

I’m Mum to a three-legged dog, a scrumptious two-legged baby, and a shit-tonne of plants… and I’m a modern-day priestess, witch and spiritual business coach for wild-hearted, mission-led women.

Women like you.

I’ve spent over a decade studying personal and spiritual development, holistic health, nutrition and yoga.. all of  which led to the creation of my first two businesses, both in the wellness space. 

Alongside that, my husband and I launched an ecological landscaping company with a mission to change the industry to a more regenerative & sustainable approach.

And now? 

I’ve got the business bug! I’ve spent the last 4+ years studying the world of online business, and channeling my energy, wisdom & medicine into supporting other women in bringing their greatest visions to life.

I 1000% believe in the power of business as a force for good, when the right tools, and the supporting soul-work are put in the hands of heart-centred women.

I also 1000% refuse to subscribe to the old business paradigm of hustle, pressure, self-sacrifice & burnout.

It’s time to rise in our power, as the soul-aligned Creatrixes we are.

It’s time to evolve the consciousness of business, and in doing so, evolve the consciousness of the planet.

You see, I’m all about Success Sovereignty, where we create success in a sustainable, holistic way, on OUR terms.

And I’m all about igniting our soul-work, living in absolute flow, and bringing our unique medicine into the world, so we can create magick & miracles both in and through our businesses.

So what’s my ultimate jam?

Being an Alchemist of Limiting Beliefs & Old-School Business BS… 

A keeper of Mindset & Embodiment Magick

& Activator of Impact, Wealth and Freedom Codes

… and living into my soul-mission of helping (r)Evolutionary Women step into leadership, own their priestess magick, generate wealth and create their life in alignment with their calling, NOT their conditioning.

THAT is what lights me the fuck up.

Your success is my success, sister.

Together, we rise.

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