The 6 Keys To Making Aligned Decisions In Your Wellness Business

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Decision making can be one of those things that gets us a bit… stuck, can’t it?

Feeling uncertain about the “right” thing to do, or the “right” offer to create, or the “right” next step is reeeeally common when growing a business… and it really doesn’t matter if you’re totally new to business, or if you’ve been working on it for some time - moments of uncertainty and doubt can show up wherever you are in your business journey.

Conventional “wisdom” would have us weigh up those pros and cons; write a list of both, make the comparisons. 

Go at things from a purely LOGICAL perspective, and decide from there.

While this approach can be useful to an extent, it’s a pretty dry and clinical way of doing things… and leaves a lot to be desired.

It relies solely on the thinking mind, our conscious cognitive processing, which, while offering some value, can mean we build a business based on what seems “rational” as opposed to what our hearts and souls truly desire.

Beyond the rational there is a whole world of possibilities not yet known to our conscious minds.

Yep - I'm talking about the new-paradigm way to build a totally soul-aligned business, that means you get to throw the rule book to the wind when it comes to decision making..

It’s ‘New-Paradigm’ because it goes against the “masculine” logic-centric models we’ve been taught are the “right” way, and embraces the feminine energetics of intuitive wisdom and guidance.

Taking heed of signs and synchronicities that show up in your life is how you begin to make business decisions based on what your soul desires, while allowing the Great Mystery to work its magic with and through you. 

Specifically today, I’m talking about signs (we’ll get into synchronicities another time).

Some of you may have certain tools you use to help you access your inner knowing and guidance from Source/Universe/God/Goddess, e.g. tarot cards, crystals etc.

While they may be helpful for some of you, they’re not necessary.

I have a few crystals that I’ve found (I strongly believe we shouldn’t be buying crystals - feel free to DM me on IG @hayley.k.north if you want to know why)

I have a few decks I like to play with sometimes.

But truly, the things we need to work with Signs in our business are all within each of us already.

The 6 things you need to attune to are your own:

>> Awareness

>> Thoughts

>> Words

>> Bodymind

>> Powers of observation

>> Powers of interpretation

Having a regular mindfulness practice is going to help you with cultivating and accessing these elements, and support you in making decisions from a deeper place of wisdom that goes waaaay beyond the logical thinking mind.

So how do you work with Signs?

There are two ways you can embrace an intuitive practice in your business.

Practice 1; The Open Practice

This is the most organic approach, and requires a level of presence as you move through your days (hence the mindfulness practice recommendation), your ability to simply notice what’s around you, and your capacity to interpret what you see in a meaningful way.

That’s really it. Move through your day as you normally would, and take note of anything that catches your awareness.

It might be a snippet of music you hear, something someone says that stands out to you, something you see on the floor… anything at all that catches your awareness.

Take note of whatever it is, and set aside time at the end of each day to revisit those things. What do they mean to you? What is the message within them? What could they be indicating, or what wisdom might be encoded within them? If you apply that wisdom to your current circumstances in your business, what does it tell you about the direction you need to move in, or the decision you need to make?

There’s no way of getting this wrong. What you interpret the signs to mean is exactly what is true for your heart and soul.

Practice 2: The Directed Practice

This is similar to the Open Practice above, except this time you are going to pose a specific question at the start of your day.

Set some intentional space in the morning (you can create a ritual around this, or integrate it into your existing morning practices), and consciously pose a question relating to the decision you need to make. 

Some examples are:

What is the next best step for me here?

What does my community need most from me at this moment?

Is ‘X’ the right path to take?

What do I need to know to be able to move forward?

Then, as with the Open Practice, go about your day. Notice everything you notice, and mindfully consider how what you’ve observed provides an answer or some wisdom relating to your question.

Again, I always suggest taking time at the end of your day to either write or draw whatever has come through for you, to help with the crystallisation process, bringing things into greater clarity.

Remember, of course, it’s not an either/or when it comes to the logical/intuitive approaches. The beauty of the new business paradigm is that it’s all about integration and a move toward wholeness - being able to access ALL of our knowing.

Find the dance that works for you!

My task for you is to choose one of the practices and give it a go, so comment and tell me, which one are you going to do this week?

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