Ready to launch your wellness business online and amplify the impact you create in the world? 

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You’re a spiritual go-getter.

An impact-driven soul, hell-bent on creating the change you want to see in the world.

You’re committed to a business that will leave a legacy of positive impact.

You’re heeding the call to bring your Divinely-assigned work into the world

You’re either launching online, from scratch…

OR you know you must change up your wellness business in order to sustain you, as well as deeply transform even more lives.

You have a fire in your belly, a passion in your heart... and yet, somehow, things aren’t happening quite the way you want them to.


If you’re anything like the other powerhouse wellness experts I work with, you’re probably...


Overwhelmed, wondering what exactly you need to do to take your business from idea to income

Putting in the hours, but not seeing it translate to the level of impact you desire to create…

Feeling a sense disenchantment with the “business” and “marketing” side of things… you just want to help people, right?

Sound familiar?

…Then it’s no accident that you’re here. The Universe has plans for you!


“OMG Hayley is amazing! I love her brain! It was such an honour and such a privilege to work with her, she’s just incredible and I’m fully here to blow her trumpet and really share where her power is - the strategy and clarity she brings is just incredible.”


You’re so crystal clear on your mission and message that nothing can distract you from the the needle-movers in your business

You’ve created a business model that allows you to get off the time-for-money treadmill

You’re so deeply connected with the people you help, you serve them at a level that will transform their lives forever


You’ve got a clear, simple, soul-aligned strategy that feels fun to implement because it’s designed with your full, unique humanity in mind.

You’ve got a Stand-Out Signature System that calls in your soul-mate clients, and has them queuing up to work with you

Having released the confusion and overwhelm that have been holding you back


You’ve alchemised those money blocks and stepped into your next level of abundance

You’ve got rock-solid business foundations channelling your creative flow along a crystal clear pathway to profit.

You know exactly the steps needed to unleash your magic and medicine into the world, creating the impact you are here to create.

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“My eyes have been opened to new ways of seeing things & I could see the stories I've been telling myself. I was able to find the unique way I live while balancing the needs of my business with more of a fun, playful approach. Hayley holds such a beautiful space."

The Impact Initium is for women in wellness called to grow a business that creates positive change in the world...

...without sacrificing themselves, their values, or selling their soul in the process.

Pssst. Let me tell you a secret.

The things you think hold you back from experiencing all of the above?


They’re not actually the things.


It’s not that you’re not working hard enough.


When you got told, again and again, that taking massive action is the key to fulfilling your dreams, you listened.


You’ve been taking action like your life depends on it.


But the truth?


It’s not ONLY about taking action.


Massive action without a crystal vision and clear strategy is frustrating and exhausting.


The heart-led souls I work with are typically doing plenty, but often the phrase ‘chicken without a head’ can be readily applied..


They’re not short of busyness, but many brilliant souls in wellness are just not sure how it translates to a sustainable and joyful business (and life!).


You see,


The problem is not that you don’t know enough.


The problem is not that you haven’t been hustling hard enough.


The problem is not that people don’t need your service.


The problem is not that you’re not confident enough.


You are not broken or deficient or incapable of bringing your vision to life.


The dream is in you, so it is for you.


What’s happening, then?

There are 3 key factors I see at play for change-makers in wellness like you;

 Number 1.

Many talented souls in wellness are actually attempting to do waaaaay too much. Overcomplicating the shit out of everything. Trying to birth 17 babies at once.
Because success = hard work, so more hard work equals more success, right?
Business needn’t feel overwhelming. Or awkward, difficult, clunky, or dry, either.
You get to craft a unique, soul-aligned business ecosystem that serves you
It gets to be simple. I will show you how.
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“Hayley provided an excellent blend of support and stretch, encouraging me to take actions I’d been procrastinating around. There’ve been so many invaluable lessons for someone starting their own business. Hayley has been such a fantastic coach and mentor throughout!"

Number 2.


As a visionary soul, big-picture thinking comes naturally to you…

But when it comes to planning the details and strategy for real-world results, well…

… perhaps “creative chaos” and “on-the-fly” sound familiar?

I get it.

Let’s be real; applying structure and strategy sounds so goddamn boring.

The mere thought of it has your soul withering in despair.

The truth?

It doesn’t have to be like that.

The reason many wildly creative wellprenuers I work with avoid creating systems and structure within their business?

Because the status quo sells us a narrow definition of what this “should” look like, and applies a cookie-cutter approach for building a business

Which might just work for mainstream folks…

But not for wild, creative, visionary leaders like yourself.

You need a way of doing business that is aligned to your unique self, and your heart-centred values (precisely the ones that mainstream business mindset violates in every way)..


You get to build a bespoke business strategy that is the divine masculine support to your wild, creative flow. 


Yes - that too gets to be simple. Again, I’ll show you how!

Number 3.

You bring a wealth of experience, wisdom, magic and medicine to the table...

But, like many in my community, someone asks what you do… and ten minutes of talking later… they still have no clue the difference your work can make in their lives.

YOU know exactly the power of the work you do.


There’s no question that what you do impacts lives.


In fact, the impact is so vast, so transformational, and so far reaching… that distilling it down into a few simple sentences seems impossible.


I hear you: How can you possibly encapsulate all of THAT in a conversation?


Clarity in your business makes the difference between perpetual wheel-spinning vs. building momentum and seeing results.

In The Impact Initium, you’ll discover exactly how to talk about what you do in a way that is crystal clear, concrete and compelling to your soul-mate clients.


Have we met?

I’m Hayley

A wild-souled, witchy woman

Mum to a three-legged dog, a two legged baby, and a shit-tonne of plants

Conscious Business and Impact Coach...


… and I am on a mission to elevate revolutionary, heart-led wellness experts in business AND life…

Because when those souls step into leadership, align to their calling, and generate wealth, it’s possible to create a tsunami of positive change across the globe.

I have walked a mile or more in your shoes…

Wasting days, weeks and months overwhelmed and confused about what to do (and in what order) to get my business launched and actually start creating the impact I was called to create.

I started my first wellness business because I deeply desired to bring health and healing to people's lives.

Only to sacrifice my own wellbeing on the pier of martyrdom.

I desperately wanted to feel calm, aligned, in love with my work: instead I was stressed, exhausted by the constant hunt for clients and the complexity I'd created in my business.

You can guess what happened next.


Finally I took heed of what the Universe was telling me.

Through inner work, coming home to the sacred, and soulful action, I realigned to joy, expansiveness, freedom and fun.

I redesigned my business to be one that serves ME, as well as the people I worked with.

I’ve found a path that others can follow, without having to go through wasted days, months and years swimming against the tide to get… well, nowhere, other than burnt-out and exhausted.

You have it in you to bring your impact-driven business to its next level.

We both know it.

And I’m here to help.

I see you creating YOUR version of success, on YOUR terms, with YOUR thriving at the heart of it… 

Because, Sister, you do get to have it all.

Together we'll build solid, unshakeable foundations and a business of impact by...

Discovering your unique process, so you stand out online and have the right people naturally gravitate to you.

Mapping out your high-value, deeply transformational offer(s), and getting crystal clear on your clients' journey.

Figuring out who your ideal audience is, and calling in your soulmate clients in a way that feels authentic and aligned.

Unlocking your unique, change-making messaging.. and learning to sell with soul.

Creating your bespoke marketing blueprint, aligned to YOUR values and visibility style.

Evolving your wealth mindset and increasing your capacity to confidently ask and receive in your business.

Having the support and accountability needed to create inevitable success, on your terms.

 The Impact Initium:

Online Business, Marketing & Money Mastery For Change-Making Wellness Practitioners.

Transform your wellness wisdom into a purposeful, pleasurable and profitable business...

..all with more time-freedom, deeper integrity, more joy AND greater impact.

The Impact Initium isn't JUST about creating success in your business…

…it's about doing it with deep integrity and authentic self-expression, in a values-aligned, heart-centred way..

...that is also anti-hustle, self-nourishing, long-sighted and sustainable for long-term impact.

It's about building out a solid business model with intentionality, having all the nuts and bolts in place, creating a true-to-you strategy...

...AND becoming the person you need to be to step up as an industry leader growing a  legacy of positive impact in the world.

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Hayley's belief in us and her dogged determination to see us succeed was phenomenal - not counting her unbelievably well grounded input. Love Hayley's ability to synthesise complex concepts into easy-to-swallow thoughts."


Be totally clear on your unique pathway to profit... and to impact more lives with your work

Feel a sense of confidence when marketing your work, knowing you can do so in a way that lands with your soul-mate clients

Have a business model that serves YOU and your clients... and gives them exponentially deeper levels of transformation

Had a simple, unique-to-you business model and marketing strategy that has you excited to show up and share your magic with the world

The Impact Initium helps you grow your wellness business with simplicity.. you're less chicken-without-head and more the cool, calm, centred wellness leader you have the capacity to be (yes, even when it comes to the "business & marketing" side of things).

I don't believe any business programme is complete without integrating the outer work with the inner alchemy required in business growth...

...or without ongoing support over time, which is exactly why I created The Impact Initium to cover all these bases.



The Impact Initium gives you access to all my top course content for growing your wellness business with heart and soul...

Plus 6-months of support along the journey of outer-world implementation and inner-world personal evolution as you upgrade your wealth consciousness and leadership embodiment skills, so you can step up as the powerful change-maker you're here to be.

So how does it work?

With The Impact Initium you'll get access to the Monetise Your Magic course content which includes:

MODULE 1 - The Purpose Portal

You’ll learn how to connect deeply with your WHY, so you can stay motivated and committed throughout your business growth journey..


We’ll dive into:

Discovering The Purpose Principle so you can build a business that serves YOU, as well as your clients

How to use The Vivid Values Method so you can be sure you grow your business in an aligned, sustainable way.

How to get clear on your business mission so you can know when you are on track to creating the impact you are here to make.

MODULE 2 - The Soulmate Client Encounter

You’ll discover who the exact people you've been divinely assigned to help are, so you can speak directly to their hearts and souls with your content and offers.

We’ll dive into:

How to identify who your perfect-fit clients are so you can build a business that serves them powerfully

How to intimately understand the needs of your people so you can create offers that are an absolute no-brainer for them to say yes to.

How to know that the people you feel called to serve are aligned with creating a sustainable (and joyful!) business for you.

MODULE 3 - The Signature System Discovery Process.

You’ll discover your unique Stand-out System, so you can artfully articulate what you do in a way that resonates with your soul-mate clients.

We’ll dive into:

How to discover your unique process for transforming lives so you can create offers that are insanely valuable to your people.

How to have a clearly defined and repeatable process so you can save time and be able to deliver with ease.

How to keep all your marketing, messaging and offers aligned so you can share cohesive content that converts to clients.

MODULE 4 - The High-Power Packages Process

You’ll learn how to powerfully package your expertise, so you can create deeply transformational experiences for your clients.

You’ll discover:

How to move away from a time-for-money sales model so you can get off the client-finding treadmill, and increase client retention & referrals.

How to craft unique, artfully tailored experiences so you can become the go-to expert in your field

How to use your Signature System to inform your packages & create a powerful body of work that serves clients at all different stages of their journey.

MODULE 5 - The Money Mapping Method

You’ll learn how to map out your unique pathway to profit, so you can know what to do, and when, to create a business (and impact) that is sustainable.

We’ll dive into:

How to own the value of the work you do so you can confidently set (and say out loud!) your prices, without discounting or undercharging for your services.

How to identify your Freedom Number so you can consciously make decisions and take aligned action to ensure your personal thriving and holistic success.

How to plan for future programme launches so you can have clarity (and be empowered) around the cashflow in your business.

MODULE 5 - The Client Creation Adventure

You’ll learn how to call-in soul-mate clients using organic methods & the power of community , so you can quickly start helping the people that need what you have.

We’ll dive into:

How to tap into your existing network so you can sign your first (or next) clients organically (without paying to advertise)

How to map out your clients' journey so you can create an experience that naturally leads them toward working with you.

How to lead with value so you can build genuine and meaningful relationships with potential clients.


6 months of live group support calls with me, including tech sessions and copywriting clinics.

Access to The Impact Insiders private community with further support, Q and A threads, and ongoing accountability.

Mindset Mastery and Leadership Embodiment practices to integrate into your life & business.

A values-aligned & human-first approach to building an impact-driven business that makes your soul sing!

The Impact Initium

for Wellness Practitioners

Monetise Your Magic: The Wellness Business Launch Course - Value £997

The complete course for building out and launching your wellness business w/out the common pitfalls of overwhelm and burnout.

6 Months of Live Support - Value £2497

There's nothing that will support your success more than regularly connecting with others who get it, hold you as 1000% capable of creating your vision, and who will lovingly hold your feet to the fire when needed.

Back-End Tech Trainings - Value £347

To help you set up simple back-end systems, navigate any tech hiccups, and have all the pieces in place for you to sell your offers online.

Copy Clinics - Value £500

Get eyes and feedback on your copywriting, so you can be sure it's in alignment with human-first principles, is clear, concrete, and compelling to your soul-mate clients.

'Prepare For Impact' Catalyst Calls - Value £197

Master nervous system regulation & the inner alchemy of business, so you can do the important work of expanding your impact and influence, even when it (literally) feels like you might die as a result.

The Soulful Selling Revolution - Value £197

Another complete stand-alone course; overcome the resistance to selling by discovering a new sales paradigm based on authenticity, compassion and integrity. 


Content Repurposing Crash Course - Value £33

A repurposing workflow, so you can simplify your socials, and give more with less time.

The Soulful Speaking System - Value £33

A simple way to speak naturally on video, so you can ditch clunky scripts while still keeping on topic and speaking from your heart and soul.

The Go-Live Grounding Practice - Value £21

A pre-speaking practice for soothing your nerves and rooting you in the safety of Mother Earth, so you can show up for your community cool, calm and collected.

The Camera Confident Masterclass - Value £47

We all know how important video is. This masterclass will show you exactly how to start showing up as Queen of the Screen (however scared you are right now)

Total value of £6,822 

BUT… of course, it's my mission to help as many heart-centred visionary change-makers (like you) as possible, so we can collectively initiate the evolution the world needs right now...

So you can get the full 12-months of values-and-heart-led business and marketing support...

...all for £1497!

I’M CLAIMING IT! (Apply now)

Why Should You Trust Me?

I don't just facilitate visionary change-makers to grow prosperous AND pleasurable (key word!) dharma-driven businesses; I’m actually doing it for myself too. I used (and continue to use) all of the methods and processes I share in The Impact Initium to create a soul-aligned business that is the expression of my deepest calling…

…and the approach I take is in integrity with the heart-centred values myself and my clients have. As wellness pros and healers, we’re from an ancestral lineage that requires a different, more holistic approach to business - one that does NOT cause harm through the "standard practice" patriarchal & colonial ways of doing business. I am NOT just repeating what every other business coach says.

Truly, I'm not JUST another Business Coach, I’m actually an Impact Coach for Visionary Change-Makers, who happens to also have the know-how for building online businesses.

I’ve been playing-for-money in the leadership embodiment and personal growth arena for over 6 years, with almost 20 years total spent studying personal evolution, spiritual growth, holistic health, nutrition, yoga and the neuroscience of change... all of which led to the creation of my first two businesses, both in the wellness space.

Alongside that, my husband and I have built an ecological landscaping company with a mission to change the industry to a more regenerative & sustainable approach.

And now?

I’ve got the business bug! I’ve spent the last 4+ years studying the world of online business, and bringing together the soul and the strategy to support other women in bringing their change-making visions to life, acting from their calling (vs. their conditioning), and creating the impact they’re called to create.

So, Sister… I GET IT.

I've helped heart-led visionaries stand up, be SEEN & HEARD, amplify their impact, and - yes - make money doing what they love, in a way that feels GOOD. And I’ve helped them avoid the trap of overdelivering and undercharging, and being stuck in a perpetual dance with their demons; patterns of perfectionism, procrastination and people-pleasing that keep them from showing up and sharing their medicine.

Hi, I’m Hayley North

I’m a Conscious Business & Impact Coach for Visionary Change-Makers helping wellness experts and healers amplify their impact, and create a legacy business AND life they’re head-over-heels in love with.

After the years I’ve spent working with women in the wellness & healing space (and having been one myself!), I’ve learned exactly how frustrating it can be to have a mission on your heart, and to really, truly, deeply just want to help people… yet to be struggling with signing clients, feeling overwhelmed & exhausted by business, and confused as hell about how to market effectively.

Over time, I’ve learned how to create a business without the overwhelm & burnout, how to talk about what I offer in a way that resonates with my soulmate clients, and how to price and sell my services from a place of expansiveness and joy…

And I can help you do the same.

You've Come To The Right Party If You Are...

You're newly certified and want the simplest and most effective way to get your business launched, without the confusion & overwhelm that comes from losing yourself in Google-induced rabbit holes trying to figure everything out!

You're already in business, but are caught in the time-for-money trap, selling ad-hoc sessions and feeling stuck on the client-finding treadmill.

Ready to take your business from transactional to transformational by weaving together all the threads of your expertise into high-power, life-changing offers, and begin delivering them to the people that need it most.

Ready to know exactly how to talk about the work you do in a powerful way that easily magnetises perfect-fit clients to you.

Ready to create order out of creative chaos, so you have high-level clarity around your business vision, and your unique path to create the real-world impact (and income) you're called to create.

Desire simple strategies and systems that remove the overwhelm and free up your time and energy, so you can focus on the things that truly matter in your business - changing lives.

In it for the impact.

This Is NOT The Party For You If You Are...

In business ONLY for the money, and want a promise of a 6-figure return on investment (or any monetary ROI guarantee).

The people I work with are in it for the impact, and that’s what we focus on achieving. Yes, that *does* translate to greater wholistic wealth, but I’m not here waving the “seven-figure secrets” flag - if that’s what you want, there are a million other folks online making that promise and I suggest finding one of them..

The Impact Initium can help you create a profitable business, but the ENTIRE premise is that of wholistic prosperity - where people, purpose, and planet are all honoured.

 Someone selling physical products, or working within MLM (multi-level marketing). I'm in the business of helping service-based health and wellness practitioners. 

 Unwilling to do the inner work that accompanies the outer work, to create the greatest possible chances for your success.

 Just wanting a silver bullet fix that provides overnight success with zero work - I’ll give you everything you need, but - real talk - it’s you that needs to make use of it!

If you’re in any of these spaces - that’s okay - it just means The Impact Accelerator is NOT for you at this point in time.

If you're still unsure whether it's for you or not message me on IG @hayley.k.north with the phrase “ON THE FENCE”, and we can have a chat about what might be best for you at this time.


I’m a spiritual, heart & values-led business owner, driven in business by a deep calling to create the change I wish to see in the world… just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a new programme. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t get results.

I’m extremely proud of the programmes I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements will be thrilled with their purchase.

While I can’t guarantee that The Impact Initium will hand you a 7-figure business overnight (it definitely won’t!), I’m certain you’ll be deeply satisfied with the quality of the experience. 

If, for some reason, you’re unhappy with any aspect of The Impact Initium, I commit to working with you, human-to-human, to find solutions and a resolution you are satisfied with. I do not guarantee refunds for this programme - they are considered and decided on an individual basis.

What’s standing in the way of you launching your wellness business & impacting lives in a way that feels GOOD?

I know how hard it can be get things off the ground with your business... or to create order out of creative chaos and overwhelm. I’ve been there. That's why I created The Impact Initium to make it easy for you by giving you a proven step-by-step process for taking your business from idea to income (and impact!).. AND to do it in a way that nourishes you, as well as your clients.


When you click the "I’M IN, LET’S DO THIS" button below, you’ll be brought to an application form where you can answer a few qualifying questions.


I ask these as I want to be sure you are a good fit for the programme, and that the programme will meet your needs.


Once you've submitted the form, you can expect to hear from me via email within a week, when I will let you know if you are a good fit for the programme, and what the next steps are.




You know you're here to make a difference in the world, and you want to be seen for the powerful healer that you are, but it feels like marketing is a mystery to you.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally have the clarity and confidence to market yourself in alignment with your soul's purpose. And imagine how good it will feel when people start resonating with your message and hiring you because they know that you're an authentic healer who can help them get results.