Book out your wellness practice in just 3.5 minutes per day.

As a health and wellness practitioner you know:

How important it is to connect with your people heart-to-heart..

You know in your bones the difference your work can make to people's lives.

You know video is the best way to connect authentically with your people online.

...yet like other visionary change-makers I work with, you often find yourself procrastinating when it comes to hitting that "go-live" button.

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If you're a wellness expert who is:

Ready to emerge from the shadows...

Create a ripple of impact that becomes a wave...

And use the power of online presence to build a flourishing business bringing your purpose-work to the world...

... then you've come to the right party, Sister!

The fact is, your content strategy doesn't need to be super complicated or overwhelming..

Your videos, images and writing don't need to be perfect...

You just need to show up with regularity..

Talk about relevant topics, and share what you're selling..

And create that deeper level of connection with the people in your audience..

By getting visible on camera, and being YOU, publicly! 


The Visibility Queen Livestream Vault is for women in wellness ready to come out of the woodwork, get seen, amplify your impact, and make money doing what you love...



>> ploughing hours upon hours into content creation each week, feeling trapped on the content creation treadmill,

>> procrastinating like a pro when it comes to hitting the "go-live" button 

>> bedding up with that ol' friend Perfectionism, agonizing over every word and camera angle...

>> Or feeling totally unsure what to say to actually call in clients

The truth is: Most health and wellness practitioners deeply want to create a wave of positive change in the world...

(I mean, that’s why we all get into this work in the first place, isn’t it - to make a difference?)...

But, like many of the change-makers I work with, you avoid showing up because you don't know what to say, and feel super uncomfortable getting on camera…


And, as a result, you struggle to maintain any level of consistency..


Here’s the thing:

It’s not your fault, Sister.

As someone called to do healing work, you likely have lifetimes of persecution wired into your energetic field; 

Of course you feel a hot mess on camera.  

As a wellness practitioner, you are deeply inspired to deliver the medicine your soulmate clients need; 

Of course spending hours creating graphics and coming up with content ideas does not feel like an aligned use of your time!


The truth is there are multiple factors at play when it comes to getting visible in your wellness business;


It’s not just about the time it takes to create a steady stream of content...

There are actually two other key things influencing your ability to use video consistently in your marketing:

  1. Knowing how to show up in an aligned, authentic way that is true to YOU, and your unique personality

  2. AND the inner game of getting on camera… a.k.a the perfecting and overcomplicating of content creation going on backstage 

Because visibility is not just a strategy thing. 

OR just about writing the content...  

OR creating the graphics...

(I've got you covered with those, btw) 

It’s also about overcoming those inner gremlins; 

The blocks that say you, as a heart-led woman, should be modest about the magic you bring..

That you shouldn’t "brag" about your skills, and the results you help people achieve... 

The feeling is that doing so publicly will have people judge you negatively.


But here’s the thing:

If there’s one thing getting visible to grow our business requires of you, it’s that you are bold about sharing your work...


And we all know the best way to get eyes on our work is to use video content in our marketing.

Maybe you’ve bought other time-saving content creation products, but they’ve sat on your hard drive collecting dust…


THIS is where The Visibility Queen Livestream Vault is different.  


Because, not only do I make it easy for you with templates and systems to save you time..


Meaning you've got a bank of inspired ideas to go-live with 365 days a year... 

I also support you in the inner work that means you can take those templates and systems, and implement them without the procrastination and perfectionism!


It’s why I’ve just added an extra level of support to The Visibility Queen Livestream Vault. 


Sign up for £27 today and you now get access to an accountability group to support you with using everything in the vault…


Because tools, without the inner capacity to use them, are no good to anyone.


So, along with all the Plug-n-Play Templates, Inner-Game Visibility Trainings, and Tailored-To-You Content Creation Systems…


It really is everything you need to shift from hiding to HIGH-VIS in your wellness business.


For Health & Wellness Practitioners


A content creation system and visibility accelerator created specifically to help camera-shy wellness professionals show up and shine online.

The Visibility Queen Livestream Vault unites social media strategy with the inner evolution needed for you to consistently get seen, amplify your impact, and generate wealth sharing your purpose work with the world…

All while living into your mission, in a way that actually feels good…

…and it’s designed in a way that banishes procrastination, overcomes the creeping anxiety when it’s time to “go-live”, and dissolves the torturous time spent staring at a blinking cursor wondering what the hell to write…

(I’ve been there so.many.times)



You begin showing up consistently, connecting with people whose lives you change with the potency of your work.

Your audience grows… and even better, it’s full of people totally aligned with your values because you’ve been showing up as your real, genuine, zero-facade-self..

You build deep trust with your audience, because they now get to see and feel you through the powerful videos you share... and they feel safe to invest in working with you..

And before you know it, you spark a movement - a ripple of impact that transforms individual lives, and grows and evolves into the Big Bold Vision you hold in your heart.

You feel your dharma now being born through you and your circle of influence widens, your impact is amplified…


… and the Great Work you are here to do - the message you are here to share - begins to integrate into the collective consciousness… and, ultimately, enriches and evolves our planetary collective as a whole, toward a better, more harmonious, thriving future.

Go from healer-in-hiding to influential authority with fun, freedom and fulfillment - in total alignment with your unique self - in only 30 days?

Know exactly what to talk about, no matter the day, by having a system to lean into that means you're never plagued by The Curse of The Blinking Cursor again.

Stand Up and Speak Out, authorizing yourself to be seen and heard so you can extend your healing wisdom to transform more and more lives?

Feel liberated, empowered, courageous and confident to put yourself out there, and *risk* becoming known as a thought leader in your field?

Experience feeling joyful, aligned and fulfilled in your work, delivering your genius without spending hours weekly creating content (or avoiding it altogether!)?

The Visibility Vault for Wellness Practitioners helps you show up consistently on camera, so you can share your mission and your message in a bigger way than ever before.

I help you get results by weaving together the outer strategy and the inner alchemy.

It’s unlike any other content strategy or visibility bundle because it honours your unique energetic flow in business, your unique life circumstances and addresses not just the “what to share and when”, but also the secret to stepping up as the Visibility Queen you truly are.


MODULE 1 - The Messaging Maven Masterclass

You’ll learn how to artfully articulate what it is you do, so you can share your magic in a way that deeply resonates with the people that need it most.

We’ll dive into:

How to get clear on the results you get people so you can have absolute message clarity in your content.

How to talk about what you do in a way that is clear, concrete and compelling, so you can inspire your community into action

How to create congruence in your content (no matter what inspired downloads come through) so you can take your community on an intentional journey that naturally leads to them reaching out to work with you

MODULE 2 - The Creatrix Livestream Calendar

You’ll learn how to use your Messaging Maven skillset in conjunction with The Creatrix Content Calendar to generate a bank of inspired ideas, so you can release the pressure of creating on the fly, or trying to force the inspiration to flow when it's just not happening.

We’ll dive into:

How to know what to talk about at any given moment, so you’ve always got something of value to share

How to use prompts to generate content that creates a transformative experience for your community so you can engage, educate and inspire them to move toward their goals

How to use the 3 key content types to activate your people at an even deeper level, so you can call in those that are destined to work with you.

MODULE 3 - The Camera Confident Masterclass.


Discover The 5C System for showing up confidently on camera (also works great in synergy with The Soulful Speaking System!)

We’ll dive into:

How to align to your unique flow as a Cyclical CEO so you can harness the Power Of Your Period (or other seasonal indicators, if you don’t menstruate) to support you in showing up powerfully.

How to know which marketing activities to do, and when, so you can step up as a Visibility Queen, feeling aligned, in-flow and wildly magnetic to your people.

How to use the Power of Pause in your business, so you can get off the hamster wheel and listen deeply for what the Spirit of Your Business is asking of you.

MODULE 4 - The Easy Button

You’ll get access to The Visibility Vault IG Stories and Feed Templates in Canva, so you can embrace ease in your business and banish the “I don’t have time to create graphics” excuse.

You’ll get:

A tutorial on how to use the templates, so you can start sharing straight away.

75 IG Feed templates on Canva

100 IG Story templates on Canva

Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar so you can keep your content current and relevant to your community

MODULE 5 - The Expert Exposed Method

You’ll discover The 4 Expert Exposed Elementals you must consider in your visibility strategy so you can fully claim your authority, get vulnerable, and get visible.

You’ll get:

What the Woman Wound is, and how it impacts you in your business - particularly in your marketing!

The role of the central nervous system and how to use it to activate the path of least resistance when it comes to getting seen & heard.

How to regulate your bodymind and own your brilliance so you can show up loud and proud to share your wisdom (without Imposter Syndrome shutting you down).

The Visibility Vault Support Circle

The key piece to have you show up and shine online is doing it while held in community, with people who have your back and who will lovingly hold you to account!

You’ll get:

Access to the support group to connect with other wellness sisters

Get your questions, fears and doubts addressed as you begin getting more visible

Bonus shares and trainings from me to keep you motivated, inspired and able to navigate the bumps in the road as you begin showing up in a bigger way than ever before.

The Visibility Vault for Health & Wellness Practitioners

The Messaging Maven Masterclass - Value £97

A simple way to master your messaging, so you can share what you do in a way that is clear, concrete, and compelling.

The Creatrix Content Calendar - Value £37

A calendar of content prompts, so you can create a bank of inspired ideas that align to your message and actually sound like you.

The Camera Confident Masterclass - Value £47

Discover The 5C System for showing up confidently on camera (also works great in synergy with The Soulful Speaking System!)

The Easy Button - Value £37

A bank of plug-and-play templates, so you can banish the “I don’t have time” story and get on with showing up for your people.

The Expert Exposed Method - Value £47

An introduction to nervous system regulation in business, so you can do the important work of expanding your impact and influence, even when it (literally) feels like you might die as a result.

The Visibility Queen Support Circle - Value £97

The key piece to have you show up and shine online is doing it while held in community, with people who have your back and who will lovingly hold you to account!


The Cyclical C.E.O System - Value £88

A roadmap to aligning your visibility strategy to your unique flow as a Cyclical C.E.O, so you can use your wild nature to your advantage in business (instead of trying to fight against it!).

The Soulful Speaking System - Value £33

A simple way to speak naturally on video, so you can ditch clunky scripts while still keeping on topic and speaking from your heart and soul.

The Go-Live Grounding Practice - Value £21

A pre-speaking practice for soothing your nerves and rooting you in the safety of Mother Earth, so you can show up for your community cool, calm and collected.

Total value of £504 

But… of course, this is a bundle I want in as many hands of heart-centred visionary change-makers (like you) as possible, so I’m making it super accessible.

Should you dare to embrace the *risk* of being SEEN and HEARD in all your brilliance; it’s yours for only £27


I get it; I’ve walked a mile or more in your shoes.

I used to get a wave of anxiety before hitting that ‘live’ button, would write things and overthink to the point of never posting, and had mastered the art of procrastinating like a pro.

The result?

I did an incredible job of being a "best kept secret".

Helping the people I was called to help, however?

Not so much.

And I tried all of the things;

implementing a consistent schedule (based on what worked for other people)

Forcing myself to go live daily (and self-sabotaging to the max to get out of doing it)

Downloading free content calendars, without understanding the journey I was taking my community on

Running the gauntlet on the content creation treadmill… and ending up uninspired and exhausted, wishing I had more time to do the thing I loved - coaching people!

Truth is, nothing worked...until I quit trying to do things the way other people told me I “should” and built a tailored visibility strategy… 

Meaning I could show up without ever feeling unsure of what to say, being in the energy of force, or being plagued by the Visibility Gremlins again.

I discovered how to share my message in an intentional way, and to create the conditions I needed to allow myself to be seen.


Once I used this approach for myself, the way I felt about getting visible radically shifted, and I stepped into greater alignment and liberation in my business…


I was able to ditch the square-peg-round-hole feeling, leaning into a structure that supported me to embrace my way of showing up, so I could be playful, creative, and in-flow.


I was able to share my message and my mission in a way that touched others’ lives.


Sister, you have medicine within you that the world needs now, more than ever.


You already have the means to bring it forth and share it.

I’m just committed to making that even easier for you.

When it comes to the change-agents I work with;


Being stuck behind writer’s block translates to a world not benefiting from their brilliance.


Evading visibility means diminishing their impact.


We both know that Source will not stand for that. Hence, here you are, landing on this page (and Thank Goddess for that!).


This is exactly why I created The Visibility Queen Livestream Vault for Health & Wellness Practitioners;

So that brilliant women (like you!) can share your message and spark a movement of radical change in the world…


And feel inspired and in-flow as you affirm the wholeness of your path as a change-maker by embracing the act of Sacred Visibility…


Enabling you to fulfil your calling and show up as the visionary thought-leader you truly are.


I’ve made The Visibility Queen Livestream Vault for Wellness Practitioners & Healers and everything you get in it super accessible because I know that when people like you start showing up and speaking out en masse… the birth of a new global culture of wellbeing is not far behind!


So nope - this isn’t going to cost you hundreds of dollars.


Instead, it’s just £27...

The Visibility Queen Livestream Vault has been designed to overcome ALL the hurdles to growing your wellness business using livestreams & video…

…so you can finally shine your brilliance and wisdom out into the world, and create ripples that become waves.


Why Trust Me?

I don't just facilitate visionary change-makers to grow prosperous and pleasurable (key word!) dharma-driven businesses; I’m actually doing it for myself too. I used (and continue to use) this exact method of embracing my cyclical nature to build a business in total alignment with my personal energetics…

…and the potent blend of outer work and inner alchemy I’m sharing with you here is exactly how I went from healer-in-hiding (having anxiety attacks before showing up) to overcoming my deep rooted fears about being seen, so I can share my truth, unleash my inner wild woman, and lean into a visibility strategy that generates momentum (rather than friction) in my business. As wellness pros and healers, we’re from an ancestral lineage that requires a different, more holistic approach to business - I am not just repeating what every other business coach says.

Truly, I'm not just another Business Coach, I’m actually an Impact Coach for Visionary Change-Makers, who happens to also have the know-how for building online businesses.

I’ve been playing-for-money in the leadership embodiment and personal growth arena for over 6 years, with almost 20 years total spent studying personal evolution, spiritual growth, holistic health, nutrition, yoga and the neuroscience of change... all of which led to the creation of my first two businesses, both in the wellness space.

Alongside that, my husband and I have built an ecological landscaping company with a mission to change the industry to a more regenerative & sustainable approach.

And now?

I’ve got the business bug! I’ve spent the last 4+ years studying the world of online business, and bringing together the soul and the strategy to support other women in bringing their change-making visions to life, acting from their calling (vs. their conditioning), and creating the impact they’re called to create.

So, Sister… I get it.

I've helped heart-led visionaries stand up, be seen & heard, amplify their impact, and - yes - make money doing what they love, in a way that feels good. And I’ve helped them avoid the trap of overdelivering and undercharging, and being stuck in a perpetual dance with their demons; patterns of perfectionism, procrastination and people-pleasing that keep them from showing up and sharing their medicine.

Hi, I’m Hayley North

I’m a Conscious Business Mentor & Impact Coach for Visionary Change-Makers.

I help wellness experts and healers get radically visible, share their message, amplify their impact, and create a legacy and life they’re head-over-heels in love with.

After the years I’ve spent working with women in the wellness & healing space (and having been one myself!), I’ve learned exactly how frustrating it can be to have a mission on your heart, and to really, truly, deeply just want to help people…

Yet to be struggling with showing up, signing clients, or making the impact needed for you, your clients and our global collective to thrive.

Over time, I’ve learned how to embrace all of who I am, to show up and speak out on camera without allowing patterns of fear, perfectionism and procrastination to derail me from doing the Great Work I’m here to do…

And I can help you do the same.

You're ready to unhook from the healer-in-hiding archetype, take up space and allow yourself to be seen & heard.

You're ready to fully show up to share your mission and message with the world, without spending every second of the day creating content

You're ready for high-level clarity on your message, so you always know exactly what to talk about, and when.

You're ready to start calling in soulmate clients using the best form of content for growing online; video and livestream.

You know that the systems, strategies and content calendars alone are not enough, and your soul is calling for an integrative approach to getting visible, so you can overcome the inner resistance that holds you (and many other brilliant women) back.

In it for the impact.

This Is NOT The Party For You If You Are...

 Not prepared to get uncomfortable and stretch yourself to do things differently (that go against the mainstream thinking)

 Not up for doing the inner work that accompanies the outer work, to create the greatest possible chances for your success.

Just wanting a silver bullet fix that means you can stay safely hidden in your closet - I’ll give you everything you need, but - real talk - it’s you that needs to make use of it!

 In MLM/network marketing, or are a product-based business. I work with service-based wellness practitioners who are trained and certified in their area of expertise.

 Or if you’re in business just for the money. The people I work with are in it for the impact. Yes, that *does* translate to greater wholistic wealth (and yes, money consciousness is a big part of the work I do with clients) but I’m not here waving the “short-cut to seven-figures” flag, claiming overnight success. Growing a true business of impact takes deep commitment, dedication, devotion and time.

If you’re in any of these spaces - that’s okay - it just means The Visibility Vault for Health & Wellness Practitioners is not for you at this point in time.

If you do see yourself in any of these (apart from the last two), and you want more in-depth support to help you turn those things around, so you can move forward with your business and live into your calling, I have other offerings that might be better suited to you. If you’d like to explore those, message me on IG @hayley.k.north with the phrase “healer in hiding”, and we can have a chat about what might be best for you at this time.


I’m a spiritual, heart & values-led business owner, driven in business by a deep calling to create the change I wish to see in the world… just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t get results.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 7-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that The Visibility Vault for Health & Wellness Practitioners will hand you a 7-figure business overnight (it definitely won’t!), I’m certain you’ll be deeply satisfied with the quality of everything inside.

If, for some reason, you’re not happy with The Visibility Vault, I will refund your money within 7 days of your purchase.

What’s standing in the way of you finally using video to get more visible, grow your business and amplify your impact?

I know how hard it can be to get visible as a heart-centred healer. I’ve been there.

That's why I designed The Visibility Queen Livestream Vault to make it easy for you by giving you all the prompts and systems you need, showing you how to create a rhythm and flow in your marketing that supports you in showing up, and clearing the inner blocks currently holding you back from getting on camera. 

When you click the "I’m in, let’s get visible!" button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter your payment information.

Once you complete payment, you'll be prompted to create an account to access your course. Please choose memorable log-in details so you can easily access The Visibility Queen Livestream Vault!





You know you're here to make a difference in the world, but it feels like showing up consistently on camera is beyond your reach.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally have the clarity and confidence to use the power of video to market yourself in alignment with your soul's purpose. And imagine how good it will feel when people start resonating with your message and hiring you because they know that you're an authentic healer who can help them get results.