You're here because you have a big vision for the future of our human collective.

You have a calling deep in your bones, and a soul-fuelled mission to create a better world where people don't just survive - they thrive. You long to share all the knowledge and wisdom you've discovered on your journey, to help others creates lives of vibrant health, joy and harmony.

It's not just a business you desire to build, it's a legacy of impact. 

Sound like you?

I'm here to help.

I'm passionate about working with impact-driven healers, therapists & wellness enperts who have a change-making vision and are looking for support in bringing it to life.

The world of wellness is full of incredible people with so much experience and expertise. But it's easy to feel drowned out, afraid of the angry voices in the industry, unsure in our own abilities or fearful of how to get our own message into the world.  

I can show you how to reach the people that need you most. 

I work with wellness entrepreneurs who:

  • Are just qualified or starting out and feel totally overwhelmed by business building

  • Are up and running with the basics but their hard work isn’t getting the results they want

  • Are established with consistent income and customers but want to up-level

Whatever the change, I'm here to help.

Choose your adventure:

Soul + Strategy VIP Days

Virtual VIP days. See below for options, or book a call if you'd like to discuss which VIP Day best serves your business needs right now.

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The 12-month Business (Re)Birth programme to level-up your impact, create more cashflow, and build a business that deeply serves your clients, and you.

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The 1:1 Container for (r)Evolutionary Women. This is a potent potion & magickal portal to the next evolution of your business, and of you. (Currently Full)

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Soul & Strategy VIP Days:

The Vision Quest


Feeling called to step into entrepreneurship and create the change you wish to see in the world, but undecided on what exactly to launch? Or not quite clear on the what and the how of doing so? This quest will crystallize your business vision, fine tune the details, and map out a strategy for bringing it to life.

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The Brand Quest


Discover the heart & soul of your brand - the unique energetics that make it stand out from the crowd, and gain absolute clarity on the customer experience you're creating. You'll add a depth and richness to your brand that easily calls in your soul-mate clients, and allows your unique magic to shine.

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The Money Quest


By evolving your money mindset, and the energetics you hold around money, you'll open the door to greater income, impact and freedom in your business. This is a quest - one where we make your current ceiling your new floor, smash the limitations holding you back, and call in the cash like never before.

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"There’ve been so many invaluable lessons for someone starting their own business. Hayley has been such a fantastic coach and mentor throughout!"


“OMG Hayley is amazing! I love her brain! It was such an honour and such a privilege to work with her, she’s just incredible and I’m fully here to blow her trumpet and really share where her power is - the strategy and clarity she brings is just incredible.”


"Working with Hayley not only shifted what I believed in my mind but also how I felt in my body. A sense of alignment like no other coach will help you achieve.”